odes to the senses

Vibre Conmigo tres

Shine on meee..

"I got the juice, I just don't know what to do with it."

@msftt-o ft Jaden - Uno, Dos (manipulated▴)
@alfalfabrown - Voice Note 20▴
@mickjenkins - Energies (maniuplated▴)
@jawndoe - Kohlda 
@mickjenkins - Energies (maniuplated▴)
@the-kount & @legekale - Teknology
@lidopimienta - Humano (@el-buho Humano en la Selva Edit)
@Qutemusic - Leave Me Alone 
@mikemusst - Bleeding Mascara
@msftt-o ft Jaden - Uno, Dos
@alfalfabrown - Voice Note 21▴
@ohliveosun - IFWY!
@MSSXN - Em Meio Ao Eternamente Sereno
@siiifu - MoSugar [crem’e]
@tekdotlun - All That
@eveline-eevee - Soy El Fuego
@bluestaeb - Guanaco❥
@alfalfabrown - Voice Note 19▴
@dojacat - UP

❥To all the producers/musicians/muses featured—— Thank you.

(image cred p.machioli, maniuplated and layered by moi ft moi)