odes to the senses

Vibre Conmigo

Take this with you; in your car, in the streets, con tus amigos.. 
I've been experimenting with mixing magic; I just pull from what I come across, what I've downloaded - to create an extended jam.

To all the producers featured: Thank you.

Keep going everyone.
with affection<3

1. @AstralBird - watercolours
2. @Emune - Salami Rose
3. @Josef_Telmet - Yes I do
4. @Zuper6 - Daily routine
5. @E_Alphie - Fuck it, I'm going to Jimmy John's
6. @Kayloo-sound and @Loowood -Sunshine
7. @Suff-Daddy - Bitches Be like
8. @wolphemusic - Dogs
9. @Flamingosis - Vacation
10. @Kxngs - Switch
11. @DexterBrandon - Desert(ed)
12. Sample by the late, great, George Carlin- American Bullshit excerpt.