odes to the senses

Up From Here

"You know this is bigger than us, right? And again, the external is just a reflection of the internal. Repeating ones thoughts into experience, again, and again." @onmommas + sasha kelley

I made this as quickly as the inspiration came to me. 
Shoutout to @chazmerebx for the lovely reflection •FELT• Is out!!! 

••the image eye captured. #vibesdontlie
To Pablo Machioli for his expression <3: tambores (layer in photo)


(Sample of Don of the Dons )
1. @Xamvolo - Down
2. @masegomusic x @FKJ-2 - Tadow
(Sample from Chazmere's No B Sides)
3. @tommisch x @FKJ-2 - Losing My Way
4. Nickhakim - The Want
5. @erykahbadu - Today (earth song)
6. @Chazmerebx- Summer Velvet **
7. Fertile Ground - Take Me Higher
8. @Chazmerebx - Hearts Clubs Diamonds **
9. @Danielcaesar - Freudian